About Brent Barnhart

As the former Director of the California Department of Managed Health Care, Brent provided pivotal leadership in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California.  He has been a key player in health issues since 1983 as both an attorney and advocate for California health plans.  Brent's experience in health plan management and regulation give him a unique understanding of California's health policy landscape and how to get things done. 


Brent Barnhart has been actively involved in California and federal legislation since 1975, and has specialized in healthcare issues since 1983.  He was first licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana in 1969, and licensed to practice law in California in 1975.
Most recently, he served as Director of the California Department of Managed Health Care, retiring in November, 2013. Prior to that position, he worked as an attorney and advocate for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Blue Cross of California, and the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies (ACLHIC), and as legislative staff to the California State Assembly.  Prior to involvement in health care issues, Mr. Barnhart served as legislative advocate for the ACLU for eight years.
A native of California, Mr. Barnhart was raised in Culver City, where he graduated from high school in 1960.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Riverside in 1965, and his law degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 1969.
Since retiring from Kaiser Permanente in 2009, he has been committed to the effective implementation of the Affordable Care Act, including the establishment of Covered California, California’s state exchange, and enforcement of state and federal laws that are key to the success of the ACA.
Brent and his wife, Jennifer, live in the Bay Area with their three cats.   They have enjoyed foreign and domestic travel.  

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(925) 804-6089